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Friend of new Ren Nan is very good to you, and even male friend is more good-tempered before comparing I, because I love him very much, but family cold-shoulders me all the time male friend, in feeling he is not to announce the job, want me to put forward to part company go on the side is male friend compound model how should do?

(does family cold-shoulder me all the time how should male friend do? )

Netizen feeling problem endowment ask:

Leng Ai hello, the new Ren Nan that family cold-shoulders me all the time is friendly, even is male friend compound on the side of me model how should do? This problem is interrogative all the time at me, beg in smoking. Emotional problem adds \/ of adviser of affection of think of sb with respect to believe Haoyue735: , get the text of technical major to analyse

I am 96 years, 162cm, 45kg. Before male friend 92 years,

172cm, 68 ㎏, good temperament, laborious, assiduous. On diploma, his key undergraduate course, my specialized subject. Nowadays everybody other place, be apart from 500 much Km. Affection chroma is worth everybody tall. But my people does not want me at that time far marry an alien land, wanting to want my take an examination ofing to announce kindergarten, in nearby principle job. And later the schoolboy that I can look for to announce the job is medium again gets married.

I from pee it is gentle and quiet schoolgirl, everything proposal of comply with family. But I press a root what to be fed up with to announce the institution in the job weaves, I think all one's life that kind of daily life will be very as dry as a chip drab.

My one the individual's persistence, press a root to twist but one everybody child person. Namely such, after male friend is learned before he also very the idea that approves my people, feel I want to go his big city can get unfortunate blessing pleasure too, stay in the home to take an examination of announce to be made up surely relatively commerce is safe. After he feels him help my happiness joy not easily very likely. I think he did not have later prepare in the future that is us, just doing with me all the time avoid duty declare? Because of this everybody cold force, brawl, put forward to part company one year already to now, do not have contact.

I made a male friend nowadays, we are classmates of junior high school, 168cm, 62kg. His junior high school graduates, good temperament, laborious, assiduous. Male friend is same before because I am mixed,be opposite, and even male friend is more good-tempered before returning those who compare me occasionally me.

After the mom that can be me is learned, gradually persistently block the way. My mom says I show male friend do not announce the job is medium, diploma stature is bad. She still says to show male friend to return be not a patch on previously before what of male friendly what.

Male friend is first-rate before the mother says gradually again nowadays, set me again on the side male friend is compound model what! I really be unable to stand. Seek Mr. Lengai, in answering my in that way home, how should be I done?

I do not wish really again the prejudice as a result of family, and lose now my male friend. I very cherish him, also love him very much. Add below I and boy friend photograph, seek close name. Acknowledgment. How to after parting company, redeem the most effective? 10s is booked quickly persuade plan plan to stay

Lengai of expert of affection of think of sb with respect responds to:

You want on the side male friend is compound model, this thing without doubt fluky. It is so good to you that you show male friend, you also love him very much, want to cherish him. So what do you also have this thought to work?

Say candidly, I feel your family is whole is to be in do not understand outfit understand. The teammate like saying they are pigs is too footy, they are the essence harmful a person on face of your person means of livilihood really.

I feel you need to increase the cognitive capacity of two levels. The first, the life that wants you has the idea of vest in oneself and idea, what need not say as a result of your family, what do you also believe. Everybody nowadays namely like that conjugal love of genuinely and sincerely, cherish well so.

The 2nd, you need to make clear Hunan, although final you are concessional, listened to family to get a word, in did that to announce the job. You just can detect to in those days, former oneself can not do well. In pressing a root not to wish to do in that way work as a result of you, how can you do well it again?

I still had said several times in the column, life suffering is short, everybody ought to have done him to mean the thing that do. And, person, can do oneself to consider happy issue only. Emotional problem adds \/ of adviser of affection of think of sb with respect to believe Haoyue735: , get the text of technical major to analyse

Life is only, master ought to pick the life that one each body has missed, do these everybody to feel dry to meeting pleasant mood wishs, and can feel happy to mix the thing of happy joy.